Welcome Paul Frijters

As Andrew noted last week, Paul Frijters was this year’s worthy recipient of the Economic Society of Australia’s Young Economist Award. Today I am happy to announce that Paul will join the Core Economics team as a regular contributor. Paul has previously blogged at Club Troppo and will likely still contribute there was well. His writing is always interesting and usually provocative (sometimes directed at yours truly) so that should liven our average economics commentary up.

4 thoughts on “Welcome Paul Frijters”

  1. Joshua,
    I think this is a great blog and I find it very informative, but the one thing that is missing and I thought you might be going to do when you made it a group blog was possibly for the various members to comment on each other’s posts and have a public conversation about these matters.
    Obviously, this wasn’t your intention and probably doesn’t fit within the time you and the group have available, but it would be a good thing.
    thanks for your contribution to the Internet


  2. I was going to ask what happened to Club Troppo but that has been answered. Martin, there is a post or two here  where the members of this group blog do exactly that.  The RBA impartiality thread springs to mind.


  3. Senex,
    sure but it’s not the norm for the contributors to comment on each other’s post. For example, I’d be very interested as a layman to hear Joshua, Andrew and the others response to Paul’s first post on Factor X


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