Background Briefing: Internet Piracy

This week, Australia Radio National ran a Background Briefing on internet piracy. Going beyond just arguing whether “downloading” is good or bad, this podcast discusses changes in copyright law over the centuries, why these tensions came about, and puts copyright infringement in a broader context. I like it that they present a balanced view with both sides represented, that they trace where the myth of the starving artist came from, and that they make a distinction between the debate on illegal downloads and that on remix culture. Relevant sound clips from remix artistes (DJ Danger Mouse, Girl Talk, Steinsky) and various radio/TV programs are included, as well as comments from IPRIA affiliate Kim Weatherall. The program could have been improved with a more in-depth discussion of how internet piracy fits with the future strategies of firms and other economic actors, as well as possible impacts of changes in the Law across various jurisdictions including Australia. But that might have made it less appealing to a general audience. Overall, an excellent podcast. Listen to the audio or read the transcript at

Author: kwanghui

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