Top Posts of 2009

Each year I list the top posts (in terms of hits) from this blog. Here is 2007 and 2008. This year, of course, is the first year of our multi-authored Core Economics and so the list is more diverse:

  1. China’s 2009 GDP Growth (Mark Crosby)
  2. House price predictions (Joshua Gans)
  3. Free insulation (Joshua Gans)
  4. Exchange Rate Forecasts (Mark Crosby)
  5. The Climate of Superfreakonomics (Mark Crosby)
  6. Free insulation, yes pay nothing! (Joshua Gans)
  7. Tax multipliers (Joshua Gans)
  8. Bolt on Electricity (Stephen King)
  9. Girls at single-sex schools are more competitive (Andrew Leigh)
  10. Sun sets on solar panel rebate (Sam Wylie)

Of course, raw count is not the best measure of popularity (as it can also mean high Google hit rates) but nonetheless, there it is. I should also mention these past posts that continued to rate highly (and would be in this top 10):

One thought on “Top Posts of 2009”

  1. Suprised not to find a “Global warming” related topic as a top 10 post as measured via hits.
    I have one question related to this topic but can’t find much discussion, yet.
    Is China leading the world in minimizing green house gases and reducing consumption with their one child policy,  if so should we not be asking all Nations to do similarly where they do not have money or technology to install new more efficient infrastructure?


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