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Today Tonight did a 5-minute story last night on my name discrimination research (with Alison Booth and Elena Varganova). The video should be up on their website for the next day or so.

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  1. @Jim: The TT summary of the research is alright (since most of the time they let Andrew present it), interspersed with some hard-luck stories from job-seekers who’ve been discriminated against.
    It’s a fascinating paper, though I fear my discrimination-o-meter is out of whack: I don’t know any* Middle Eastern Nadines, Italian Annas or Angelas, and the Indigenous names (Betty, Winnie, Daisy, Dorothy, Peggy, Bobby, Jimmy, Tommy, Wally, Ronnie) made me think of the 1920-1950s more than anything else.
    *The ones I do know are Anglos and/or Chancellors of Germany.


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