What Should we Teach Teachers?

A couple of new articles on teacher training:

One thought on “What Should we Teach Teachers?”

  1. I am glad you linked to the Latin American Marxist revolutionary Paulo Freire, as his influence is endemic in 21st century Australian Teacher training!
    For anybody not familiar with what goes on in our university Education faculties, you need look no further than a book published in 2008 by Monash Ass. Prof. of Education, Ilana Snyder called <i>The Literacy Wars</i>.
    Synder’s book was motivated as a riposte to the alleged “assault on literacy education” by the usual roll call of bogeymen – The Australian, Kevin Donnelly, Miranda Devine, and so on.
    Synder champions the “critical literacy” pedagogical innovations of people like Freire, Derrida, and Foucault, as through them the class room room and “texts” become the “sites/spaces” for strengthening “young people’s commitment to radical democratic social transformation”!


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