New airport scanners

So part of the new security rules will mean that those new full body airport scanners may be compulsory (esp for flights to the US). People have been talking of the privacy issues and cost of all this. I can’t say much about the former but on the cost side there is surely a big opportunity for some corporate offsetting. Think about it. Those scans get body dimensions. That means that you would have the best data possible on your dimensions to assist with hassle free on-line purchases of clothes. You can’t tell me Gap won’t want to sponsor that. Also, if that data is collected, we can see how you might be doing with your weight loss program (are you listening Weight Watchers?). The point is that the security line might not mean wasted time. The technology is really presenting some good opportunities.

4 thoughts on “New airport scanners”

  1. I’m not sure that a device that takes front and back shots is all that handy for fitting clothes, which are three dimensional. Nor is it clear to me how a scanner can measure weight (as opposed to area) or why an expensive scanner would be better for this job than a bathroom scale.
    Could be handy for remembering which pocket you put your car keys in, I guess.


  2. andrew – you are trapped by the economists paradigm/ epistemology – the assumption that firms and consumers are rational.

    Two hours spent watching tv, a glance at billboards whilst driving around or simply looking at the history and facts of the dotcom bubble might suggest otherwise.

    Clothing manufacturers have no interest in data.

    I’m a male who selects my own clothes [judging by the number of lone women in menswear shops a vanishing breed].

    My  waist is 35.5 ” – I have pants to fit that range from  34″ to 35 ” to 36″ to 37″ on label  all from “name” brands.


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