Finally, finally, finally, an iPhone app worth downloading

I am pleased to announce that you can now read this blog (and also the Game Theorist blog) on an iPhone app: CoreEcon. Click here to download it from the US iTunes App Store. (Let me know if you can find the link on the Australian or other app stores).

It is better than a web page because you can download the posts and read them when you are on a plane or something. And it is optimised for iPhone reading.

Given the fierce competition for attention, I have competitively priced it at $0. Clearly a must have.

3 thoughts on “Finally, finally, finally, an iPhone app worth downloading”

  1. Thanks Joshua. Just downloaded. I got my first i-phone on last Monday. It is sad to say that in one week I have become an i-phone tragic. My trusty Nokia is now left untouched. I frustrate my wife and family by playing with the various apps. I suspect the CoRE Economics App will be the final straw and divorce will ensue.


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