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The new ANU Research School of Economics is now recruiting. Here’s the formal spiel.

Applications are invited for research intensive positions, from Lecturer to Professor.

In an exciting new development, the Australian National University has announced the establishment of a Research School of Economics (RSE) commencing on January 1, 2010.

This new initiative brings together a large group of research economists in Australia under the direction of Professor Warwick McKibbin. The RSE will integrate the School of Economics in the College of Business and Economics the Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis and the Economics Program in the Research School of Social Sciences.

This integration creates exciting new opportunities for economics at the ANU and will improve the research, education and policy outreach capabilities of the ANU in respect of economics. The RSE’s focus is on conducting leading-edge research, providing research-led education and offering expertise to inform the economic policy debate. The new RSE covers the full spectrum of research areas in economics, econometrics and economic history. This includes applied economics and economic theory.

As part of a growth strategy, the Research School of Economics is pleased to invite applications for a number of positions from entry level (referred to as Lecturer – Level B), to full Professor (referred to as Professor – Level E1), or for especially accomplished applicants full Professor (Level E2). Applications are invited from distinguished and emerging scholars both within Australia and from overseas. Applications from both individuals and teams of scholars are welcome. These positions will be research intensive and will require experience in research and research training.

Applications for visiting positions are also welcome.

Appointments may be full time or fractional time and may be continuing or on a fixed term basis. Fractional appointments in conjunction with overseas institutions will also be considered.

Professor Warwick McKibbin, Director Research School of Economics, T: 02 6125 0301, E: Warwick.McKibbin “AT”, or
Professor Martin Richardson, Deputy Director Education, T: 02 6125 3582, E: Martin.Richardson “AT”, or
Professor Andrew Leigh, Deputy Director Research, T: 02 6125 1374, E: Andrew.Leigh “AT”

Links to the job ads:

These are research intensive appointments in one of the biggest and most active economics groups in Australia, so please pass the information on to anyone who you think might be interested. Applications close 28 Feb 2010.

2 thoughts on “ANU Economics Jobs”

  1. “The new RSE covers the full spectrum of research areas in economics, econometrics and economic history. This includes applied economics and economic theory. ”

    I’m a Marxist interested in class fractionation in newly industrialising countries. Is my research area covered?


  2. James,
    You should then look at openings in the following Universities in Australia which also appreciates heterodox economics:
    -University of Western Sydney, Economics Department
    -University of Sydney, Department of Political Economy
    -University of NewCastle, Business School
    -Curtin University, Business School
    PS: The list above is by no means an extensive list.


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