App Contest in Victoria

It is quite gratifying to see the change in governmental attitudes in recent times over the prevision and freeing up of public data. The latest to make moves in this area is Victoria. The data available isn’t overwhelming but the change in attitude is worth applauding.

But even more fun they have launched an App My State contest to develop mobile and web apps for Victorians. You can submit ideas or apps for some weekly prizes.

One thought on “App Contest in Victoria”

  1. It’s no surprise that Victoria is once again ahead of NSW.  I have been working on an improved Sydney transportation planner application and requested some data about bus stop locations from the NSW Ministry of Transport and here was their response:
    I’m afraid that we’re only able to provide this data for specified projects and there is a fee for it.
    Transport Data Centre
    NSW Transport and Infrastructure

    What are the odds that the revenue the state gains from licensing out this data is worth more than the public good that can be gained by releasing it?


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