MIT Entrepreneurship Review

A group of Sloan School of Management students have launched the MIT Entrepreneurship Review. It is a slick site (although not really iPhone friendly) but the content looks very interesting. I enjoyed this article on paper.

One thought on “MIT Entrepreneurship Review”

  1. Hi Joshua, thank you for posting this!
    I’m Erdin Beshimov and I’m a founder of the MIT Entrepreneurship Review (MITER). Glad you liked the site. We will be building out an iPhone app, so stay tuned!
    Also, although MITER was started by Sloan students, we owe our existence to our team of students who hail from a diversity of departments at MIT. So this is really an MIT-wide initiative, which I believe makes us unique and relevant.
    Out of curiosity, how did you find out about us?
    Thank you for reading our articles and definitely stay in touch.


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