A test post and a beef

So the iPad should be a bloggers dream but it appears not. You can use
the WordPress app but that only allows posting but no formatting
unless you know HTML. I can post from the WordPress dashboard but that
too is somewhat of a pain in terms of layout and formatting.

The other option is to post from email as I am attempting now. But the
iPad’s mail program has no formatting either. So I can paste a
hyperlink in the text like this http://abc.net.au but I can’t give it
the nice click here I usually do. What is more I can’t do that from
the Pages app. So that leaves me with either poor formatting or having
to edit later. What a shame.

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7 thoughts on “A test post and a beef”

  1. Apple won’t allow third-party applications for functions provided “built in” — so no music players, no photography, no email, no web browser.


  2. Got a chance to play around with an Android iPhone-equivalent recently. It is as good as anything that Apple offers – except for the apps availability. 

    Apple needs to be first mover, otherwise an Android offering coupled with netbook or tablet PC-hardware (cheaper, quicker, lighter and open platform) may be the killer product for this category of consumer plaything.

    If anything, the iPad appears to be the premium portable media playing substitute for the not-so-successful Apple TV.


  3. That’s precisely the kind of thing I could fix it the iPad was an open development environment and the WordPress app was open source.


  4. @jacques There are apps for each of those things right now! Hardly a restriction.
    @robert There are third party apps to use WordPress. Again, why no little script to add a hyperlink? This isn’t an Apple or WordPress issue.


  5. @Robert: Even if you were able to fix it, it would still have to be “approved” by Apple before it became available on the App$tore.  Apple makes Microsoft look like champions of open source.
    If I was to change one thing in the email client it would be to get rid of that insanely annoying “Sent from my iPad” message.  It just screams “Hello, I am a w*nker”.  Of course, such a change would never be approved by Apple.


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