Prediction markets, where art thou?

I’ve been writing for nearly a decade (much of it with Justin Wolfers) about the predictive power of election betting markets. So why is it that now I’m running for ALP preselection in Fraser, none of the election betting websites can tell me my odds?

4 thoughts on “Prediction markets, where art thou?”

  1. Why would you want to leave academia (where you can be a respected gasbag) for politics (where you will be a disrespected gasbag)?!


  2. Good luck Andrew, I agree that you’d be a terrific addition to parliament. One of my phd classmates was recently elected to the Quebec Legislature as a Parti Quebecois (separatist) MLA, in part to bring some understanding of economics and fiscal policy to that party. If the PQ are fixable then surely so is the ALP!


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