Cupertino, we have a problem

So there are reports today of a problem with the iPhone 4’s antenna. If you hold the phone with your left hand (as I do when talking on it), the ‘bars’ drop from 5 to 3 or 2. I tried it and much as it pains me to say it, it’s happening and is easy to replicate. It seems that the issue is covering the bottom left side of the iPhone’s edge. You hold it for about 5 seconds and watch the apparent reception quality drop off. I haven’t experienced an actual call issue so who knows what it means but this doesn’t look good. You would think that all the Apple engineers in bars might have noticed it.

[Update: tested it with a ‘bumper’ case and there is no issue. Me thinks Apple may have to provide them as part of the deal.]

2 thoughts on “Cupertino, we have a problem”

  1. Just another example of the world conspiring against left handers.  We have it tough.
    And why is it that Apple does not employ left-handed engineers?


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