Net neutrality and the network congestion issue

Google and Verizon have released a policy proposal on net neutrality. It basically argues for principles, some monitoring of clearly bad conduct (i.e., naked exclusion of legal traffic) but otherwise wants regulators out. Here is their more readable advocacy.

I was going to write more expositing the economics of all of this but it turns out that I did that back in 2006. Here is the link. I find that that analysis is still very sound today despite all that has occurred. The bottom line is that it is all about managing contributions to network infrastructure but that network non-neutrality isn’t the only way that has to be done and, in fact, there might be options that give consumers far more choice than anything being proposed thusfar.

3 thoughts on “Net neutrality and the network congestion issue”

  1. ms: Simple exclusion of legal traffic would be something like an ISP saying “We’ve made an exclusive search deal with Google, so we’ve blocked access to other search engines”.


  2. “Network Neutrality” vs “Neutral Networkity”?  A real tongue twister.  Did you ever have to present this paper?
    Great analysis, though.


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