Freakonomics the Movie

Over at Game Theorist, I review Freakonomics as a movie for kids. For everyone else with an interest in economics, even if you have read the book, this is a must-see. It is enjoyable and also puts the issues in a more human light.

That said, it is useful to highlight some strange goings on in its release. First of all, it was released on iTunes, a full month before coming to theatres. Frankly, I might have seen it in a cinema if the timing had been the usual but I was quite happy to save the trouble. There is no big screen requirement here.

Second, today it was all over iTunes as a big deal with advertisements and a US$3.99 rental price point; the usual for rented movies. Then, by the evening, it was gone — ads and all. I searched for it and eventually found it here. But now it was US$9.99. For rental. Which is closer to the US$14.99 purchase price for new releases. I was miffed to say the least but then I thought of the fact that I was saving much more than all of that by not having to go to the cinema. It is worth a $10 rental regardless.

Finally, they maintain the whole ‘rogue scholar’ bit. I’m telling you, Levitt and Dubner are the most unconvincing rouges ever! And putting them on the ‘big screen’ with some first class directors has not changed that.

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  1. After looking through the bits of the book that dealt things I had some knowledge of, and finding it riddled with basic errors, I doubt I want to expose my kids to it – unless as an example of where a combination of tunnel vision, enthusiasm, and a priori speculation will lead you.


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