The Social Network

A lot has been written about The Social Network — the new movie portraying Mark Zuckerberg and the rise of Facebook. I saw it last night and it really is thoroughly entertaining but also thought-provoking. Scott Adams thought it was the best movie he had ever seen. That is quite a claim but it really is up there. The dialogue is extraordinary and the story is compelling. Zuckerberg comes off as realistically portrayed genius. The computers don’t go ‘ping.’ And I could randomly mention other things.

What I liked best was how it conveyed the innovative process and matched that with raw ability to pull it off. Having ill formed ideas is not enough (although it did seem enough to net one group $65m for essentially doing nothing). Sweat is required as well as a consistent vision and insight. Zuckerberg put all of this together and what is more, the movie stops before things get interesting. Facebook could have just been a college thing but it has turned out to be massively intergenerational. But that is a story still to be told.

It is hard to know what is truth versus fiction in the movie but a part of me couldn’t care less. Personally, to separate fact from fiction, the movie is best seen in conjunction with reading this New Yorker profile of Zuckerberg. The notion that things were male dominated slips away when you put the two together but actually a surprising amount of the movie is intact. Indeed, the very independence of the movie is a huge asset to Zuckerberg’s standing.

I recommend that you see this movie and see it soon.

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