Top Posts of 2010

Each year I list the top posts (in terms of hits) from this blog. Here is 20072008 and 2009. Here is this year’s list:

  1. The youth creativity puzzle (Joshua Gans)
  2. The GFC and Regulation (Stephen King)
  3. What’s the impact of raising the drinking age to 21? (Andrew Leigh)
  4. Do school teachers send their kids to government schools? (Andrew Leigh)
  5. Understanding the asylum seeker debate (Joshua Gans)
  6. Indian killed in Melbourne (Stephen King)
  7. AFL and the soccer World Cup (Sam Wylie)
  8. Economics in one picture (Joshua Gans)
  9. Some advice to Malcolm Turnbull (Joshua Gans)
  10. Top Incomes in Australia, Updated (Andrew Leigh)

Of course, raw count is not the best measure of popularity (as it can also mean high Google hit rates) but nonetheless, there it is. I should also mention these past posts that continued to rate highly (and would be in this top 10):

One thought on “Top Posts of 2010”

  1. The most amusing is the House Price Predictions column, where Christopher Joye gets shouted down by Keen supporters.  When the market finally collapses (and we’ve been waiting 2 years so far), will they proclaim their brilliance and foresight?


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