Where are you? and other FAQ

Where are you? I’m working (4 days per week) as a visiting researcher at Microsoft Research New England or Microsoft New England Research and Development if you want to allow the acronym MS NERD.

How long are you going to be there? Until June.

What are you doing there? Basically, exactly the same as what I have been doing all of 2010; i.e., pretty much whatever I want; which means research.

And they are paying you for that? Apparently so.

Really? Yes, it is a progressive and forward thinking place. Like Universities except without all that teaching stuff.

But you are an economist? True. There is actually a large group of economists here mostly concentrating on game theory and mechanism design. There are also these computer scientists here who know lots about cryptography and machine learning but, it turns out, can’t really help me configure my Exchange account and don’t really like being asked about it.

Will you still be blogging? Yes, here and at GameTheorist and at HBR blogs and at TAP (which is a good site for technology policy). But suffice it to say, there will be constant reminders of who is paying me at the moment.

What are you going to do with your Mac, your iPad and your iPhone? I’m going to be using them as per usual. It turns out that I am a bigger user of Microsoft products than most of my colleagues here are MSR who seem to use TeX and something called ‘code.’ And, moreover, Bing works best on iPhones.

Are they going to give you a Kinect? Not sure, but I do get a 15% discount on food in the cafeteria.

That should do it. If you have more I may answer them in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Where are you? and other FAQ”

  1. Can you get me a job there? *drools*
    Also, how relevant is economics in the (admittedly broad) field of computing? I’m studying software engineering but hope the Melbourne BCom counts for something.


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