Aussies pay more in the App Store

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised as Australians seem to pay more for everything but with the AUD-USD exchange rate pretty much at parity, one might have hoped the new App Store for Mac might have addressed these somewhat.

Here are some examples of price premiums to be paid by Australians:

  • Angry Birds: US$4.99 and AU$5.99 — Australians pay 20% more.
  • Kid Pix 3D: US$39.99 and AU$47.99 — Australians pay 20% more.

Notice that the GST does not account for this. Of course, Apple may be expecting a large depreciation in the Australian dollar but right now, Australians are missing out. Don’t we have a free trade agreement or something with the US? What about stopping such clear discrimination?

Disclaimer: Joshua Gans is a visiting researcher at Microsoft Research. All opinions here are his own.

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