Methodologies to Value Broadband

So you want to do a Cost-Benefit Analysis on the National Broadband Network but don’t know where to start? Have I got the link for you.

Richard Hayes of Melbourne Business School has created a report that looks at all of the options for sensibly evaluating the benefits of broadband. You can download it here. That will get you started on the benefits. For the costs you’ll need a network engineer — but let’s face it, that’s the less controversial bit.

2 thoughts on “Methodologies to Value Broadband”

  1. Hayes does not seem to deal with the problem of the in-house battery mandated with the NBN. The battery requires a temperature & humidity control enclosure which needs electricity to operate.

    What happens in a power failure?


  2. Thomas – the report mentions that in performing a social cost benefit analysis incremental costs would need to be considered as well as incremental benefits. However the primary focus was on methods for valuing the benefits so it did not directly address particular issues on the cost side. Richard.


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