More toilet data unlocking

Almost three years have passed since I alerted the country to the unreasonable locking down of toilet location data by the Australian government. Since that time, we have seen the Government launch its own toilet finding app (a year too late) and we have had the Government 2.0 taskforce for which this was, at least, an issue.

Now as part of my pledge to continue to bring all toilet related economics news to your interest (and thank goodness there isn’t much but if there was then I think The Loo Paper would be a great name for the resulting newsletter), I received word today that the Government is now allowing third party app developers to access and utilise the data. A long-standing app, Show The Loo (which is free by the way) does this quite nicely. It recognises your location, allows you to swipe through prospective toilets and also to set criteria. It is pretty much the app I had envisaged all those years ago. Regular readers (no pun intended) will recall that this was the very app at the heart of ToiletGate; when they were refused access to Government data. It is great to see, thanks to the Government 2.0 taskforce, those restrictions have changed and innovation in this key are allowed to flourish. That should flush out (pun intended) the right design.

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