Climate change policy on ABC online

I have a new piece up on ABC online on climate change policy and ignoring the evidence on what works. After I wrote the post, I learned of a Grattan Institute report released today that makes a similar point with comprehensive Australian evidence.

3 thoughts on “Climate change policy on ABC online”

  1. Josh,
    You are mistakenly assuming that the coalition under Abbott actually wants to mitigate climate change and is sincere in promising “direct action”.
    I very much doubt that either is true.  If you discard those assumptions, their putative policies might start to make more sense.


  2. Agree with Dave. But then why not have a policy of no carbon reduction policy at all? Because they want to avoid looking ‘out of touch’ or something like that. Coalition climate change policy is wrong on so many levels.


  3. The comments on the ABC article are very disheartening. So many misunderstandings of the basic economic principles that are required to evaluate public policy proposals properly.


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