The open science movement

Michael Nielsen — an Australian scientist who now resides in Toronto — has devoted his recent career to opening up science. Here is his TED talk that describes the problem and suggests an important solution. I’ve long believed that Australian universities actively discourage openness and novelty in scientific communication. Hopefully, this sort of movement will start to have an impact.


2 thoughts on “The open science movement”

  1. It’s annoying how all the courses at the Uni of QLD are now forced to use Blackboard. So most course materials (tutorials, assignments, lecture notes, etc) are no longer publicly available.


  2. Sadly, self interest and the grant/publish or perish cycle tend to keep a lot of academe very protective.
    For thirty odd years I laboured under the delusion that I should share my skills and acumen with other departments and disciplines, but rarely was any of it reciprocated.
    These ranged from universities, public hospitals and the sainted CSIRO, all of whom failed with any form of reciprocation.
    What to do? I just gave up.


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