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I have a new post over at The Drum commenting on the issues arising from the Four Corners broadband report. There is also an accompanying excellent site about the NBN and the debate.

It is clear from the comments on the post that the same old closed-mindedness exists. They confuse thinking the NBN could be done more cheaply with the notion that you are anti-broadband. It is also frankly surprising how naked people are in their advocacy for something that is purely for their benefit. I’m not surprised about their views but that they are happy to express them so transparently.

Anyhow I recommend the Four Corners report to anyone who wants to see a balanced account of the whole matter.

2 thoughts on “Broadband on ABC Online”

  1. It’s a tough audience on that website!
    Anyway, the point about cross-subsidy is well made but you didn’t actually touch on the aspect of it that drives me crazy – that this model is being pursued to keep NBN subsidies ‘off budget’. By not explicitly calling it a subsidy equity injections are classed as an investment, even though the govt has admitted that it is not looking for a commercial return on that investment. Politics at its worst.


  2. If only we have the chance we should rewrite the Constitution so that economists are in charge (or at least update it with all the stuff we’ve learnt from game theory, mechanism design, and asymmetric information since 1901).


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