The cloud comes home

That’s my speculation right now in one of these — I speculate on the basis of new real information whatsoever posts. Next week Apple will announce its iCloud product. This has something to do with its North Carolina data centre and possibly about iTunes streaming.

But I think there is something more going on. At the same time, there are rumours of a change to Apple’s TimeCapsule router and hard disk. So here is my speculation: you buy the new TimeCapsule and it is a server meshed with Apple’s cloud computing. The cloud will literally extend into your home. That means that it shares resources and storage but optimises bandwidth usage. For instance, if you have multiple computers in the house, there will be a single download for software updates (these are considerable as we think about iOS, OSX and apps) and that will save both you and Apple a ton in bandwidth payments. These still matter. It will also allow some more efficient back-up solutions.

Or nothing like that will happen. What do I know.

One thought on “The cloud comes home”

  1. It still astonishes me that neither Micro$oft or Apple have built in a common update utility for small peer-to-peer networks.  It should have been in XP, let alone Win7.

    I’m sick of downloading the same updates five times every Tuesday, plus all the irregular application updates. What’s wrong with a bittorrent approach, for example – each machine downloads one bit of the update and they then give their bits to each other automatically?  You don’t need a special router to do that, and the software should be quite easy to write.


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