iBooks in the Cloud and iBooks Match

Apple announced yesterday its iCloud service. One of the things this allowed was a natural ‘backup’ service for your iTunes songs. Indeed, with iTunes match you can also pay for and backup your ripped songs as well.

Here is what we need for books. I want the ability to scan in my physical books and subscribe to a service that will allow the digital copies to be downloaded and accessible anywhere. This would free us up and ease the transition to digital books. When can I get that?

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  1. Apple had to negotiate with the four major music labels and then also the publishers to get the new iTunes deal for at least year (probably more). Google and Amazon didn’t have the same stamina and went it alone. There’s speculation Apple are working on the same thing for movies and tv shows so who knows they probably get on to books as well but it might take a while.


  2. Bookscan in Japan already offers this as a service – it isn’t exactly super cheap though. See the Wired article from earlier this year – http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2011/02/japanese-book-scanning-services-fueled-by-ipad-e-readers/


  3. I’d like that too. It seems like Apple won’t follow that model — providing a useful, low-cost way of accessing stuff you already own. They shut down Lala.com which was a genuinely useful, browser-based cloud service for music that did the song-matching you describe; and are following Amazon with ridiculously low storage offerings (of course, in the scenario you describe, storage wouldn’t be necessary for a lot of content).


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