Post is already disrupted

Canada Post is out because of a strike. While that has inconvenienced me because when you are moving you tend to need stuff delivered somewhere, for most people in Canada I know they have barely noticed.

Now I haven’t bothered to work out what the strike is about but regardless of the reason, the fact of the matter is that regular delivery of physical post provided by the government is obsolete. All that people really require now is irregular delivery: a radical version of this would be three rather than five days per week. For private postal firms, they don’t even go for regular delivery at all.

Put simply, these days provision of regular delivery is being heavily cross-subsidised by people who don’t need that at all. Regular delivery pushes up the cost of delivery to everyone. If you only sort through your mail a couple of times a week or wait a little while to pay bills, you don’t need delivery everyday.

Governments should cut back subsidised post and should do it now. My guess is that this could be made employment neutral by simply reallocating delivery workers to other functions inside the post office.

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  1. I would have thought once a week is adequate for most purposes (bills, ads, etc) that mail serves now days.


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