Gender inequality

In the New York Times today I participate in a “room for debate” discussion on how to get men to do more at home. Regular readers will know that I dealt with this whole area in the parental leave debates of a few years ago. I didn’t have a lot of space to wade into the issue this time around but at least covered some of the baseline economics.

2 thoughts on “Gender inequality”

  1. I have never seen where the market failure is here and your article does not really identify one except with a vague reference to “vicious cycles”. Why an economist would  support Germany’s move to restrict couples from using their parenting allowance how they like is beyond me.
    The key problem with your proposal is “why is it not already in the interests of business to get mum (or dad) back to work as quickly as possible? If it is not in their interests, then why is it in the interest of tax payers to incentivise them?” There may be answers to this, but few writers really address it.


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