Submission to the ACCC on the Telstra Structural Separation deal

Jerry Hausman and I have written a submission to the ACCC inquiry into the structural separation deal between the NBN and Telstra. You can read the submission here. Suffice it to say, we are not happy with the agreement that prevents Telstra from using its HFC network for broadband (and Optus’ similar agreement too for that matter) nor are we happy with the crimping of potential competition from Telstra on wireless broadband. Both of these agreements are for 20 years and seem clearly designed to set in place the conditions for a new monopoly in telecommunications. If that emerges then the social case for the NBN goes away. Hopefully, the ACCC won’t allow it.

3 thoughts on “Submission to the ACCC on the Telstra Structural Separation deal”

  1. Good on you and Jerry Hausman. It is the job of academics to tell it as it is, and let the chips fall where they may. You made it onto the front page of The Australian today. The journalist described you as “Rudd’s guru”!


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