Wired vs wireless. Complements or substitutes?

NBN claim that crimping Telstra’s promotion of wireless broadband will not impact on competition because wired and wireless broadband are complements. So you would think that when Telstra announced its new pricing today, it would reflect that. Not so. The products are still well and truly separate with download caps being lifted a little on both. If wireless and wired are complements then where are the bundles? After all, if all customers value the products together, surely there would be a competitive advantage to offering a bundled product compared with ISPs who can only offer one or the other?

[Update: I stand corrected. Telstra does, in fact, offer wired and wireless bundles. Next question: will they continue after the NBN? The current proposed agreement seems to allow that to happen.]

One thought on “Wired vs wireless. Complements or substitutes?”

  1. Even if they didn’t offer a bundle would it matter?.  I mean I don’t know of a shoe and calculator bundle, but I still think that shoes and calculators are complementary products for school children.  


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