Now here is a use for that social network: CLOO

Not quite sure what to use Foursquare for? Well, apparently the makers of CLOO “get social.” They want you to list your bathroom facilities on some new social network so that if there is a friend, or a friend of a friend, in need, they will have an option. What a wonderful idea?

Suffice it to say, it seems pretty much doomed. I know it seems unfair to dump on them before they get the chance but call me a septic sceptic. I just don’t think people’s social networks are dense enough in any location to make this happen relative to the public bathroom options out there. And even if they are. Will they be home? Will people want to open their doors to acquaintances  in distress?

That said, I don’t know and am more than happy to see how the experiment works out. After all, you can’t argue that if this is what social means then there is likely to be some social value or social capital created.

All that said, what a shame we can’t put a market on this? People offer their facilities for a price that is transacted without worry from an app. Maybe an AirBM type concept? Of course, someone is going to argue that that is the definition of repugnant transaction.

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