Top Posts of 2012

Each year I list the top posts from this blog. Here is 2007200820092010 and 2011.

  1. For the ambitious, prospective PhD Student: A Guide (Rachael Meager)
  2. Healthcare, taxation and education in the land of Oz (a Fairy Tale) (Stephen King)
  3. The Crisis of the University of Sydney (Rabee Tourky)
  4. Spence’s “Sydney Sackings” Signal Time for Tenure Nigh (Rohan Pitchford)
  5. What an academic article of the future should look like (Joshua Gans)
  6. Hope keeps people happy and healthy so don’t always tell the truth (Paul Frijters)
  7. Why are digital products cheaper in the US (Joshua Gans)
  8. How much human capital does Australia get via visas? (Paul Frijters)
  9. Why the ACCC should NOT authorise the Optus-NBN Arrangements (Stephen King)
  10. Qantas needs to end its war on customers (Joshua Gans)

Incidentally, the post by Rachael Meager in just a few short days became the second most popular post ever on this site. The most popular remains, somewhat inexplicably, the five year old description of how to use Mathtype with Word 2007.

Of course, raw count is not the best measure of popularity (as it can also mean high Google hit rates) but nonetheless, there it is. I should also mention these past posts that continued to rate highly (and would be in this top 10):

One thought on “Top Posts of 2012”

  1. Joshua,
    Joshua, How amusing (or maybe just ironic)that items 3 and 4 on your list are articles and comments by economists moaning about management efforts to improve labour productivity at U of Sydney. I love you guys, but really, isn’t this stuff just a tad self-serving?


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