Economic imperialism or pragmatism?

Greetings from Washington where we did two launches on ‘An Economic Theory of Greed, Love, Groups and Networks’. The launches went very well, thanks for asking. Due to its success, the book has gone kindle.

I was just alerted to the video that UNSW put out on a discussion we had with Tim Harcourt (the ‘airport economist‘) on whether our attempt in this book to get at rough rules of thumb that include a spot for love, groups, power, etc., should be seen as an act of economic imperialism or rather an economic attempt to acknowledge the importance of these elements in understanding our societies by distilling them to simplified rules of thumb. Judge for yourself: see the youtube video here!

Author: paulfrijters

Professor of Wellbeing and Economics at the London School of Economics, Centre for Economic Performance

2 thoughts on “Economic imperialism or pragmatism?”

  1. Can’t it be both? I’d say that intent is the interesting point here – it could be intended as an acknowledgement of elements outside the normal purview of economics, while becoming an act of economic imperialism in its use. I mean, it’s not like an author gets to have much control over the impact of their work.


    1. the intent is a social-science without borders, but in the reality of a social science that is like the Balkans, complete with ring-fenced and heavily guarded little territories….


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