Crossing the Media

This week’s New Matilda contains an article I wrote on potential changes to cross media ownership and what this might mean for media bias. I argue that while there may be a biased media, allowing cross media ownership is unlikely to change that one way or the other. To reduce bias, it is much more important to have diversity within a media channel than across them.

You can access the article (without my picture), here.

Three Words: Structure, structure, structure

Today Telstra is indicated how it will split (e.g., Australian Financial Review –). Need I remind the world that operational separation is just another form of regulation and the best thing would be a real change in structure.

Indeed, last year in New Matilda (click here) I argued that not only would this increase competition and overall welfare (lest that should be enough) but also that a split of Telstra would actually get the Federal government more money!

Now to work out why a broad win-win doesn’t occur, requires us to locate some people who would lose out. The search is quite difficult and I’ll see what I can do later.