Baptism Bonus

Joshua Gans and I have previously shown that financial incentives can affect birth timing. Now some evidence that non-monetary incentives matter too. From the BBC:

At the end of 2007, in a move to reverse the Caucasian country’s dwindling birth figures, the head of the Georgian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Ilia II, came up with an incentive. He promised to personally baptise any baby born to parents of more than two children.

There was only one catch: the baby had to be born after the initiative was launched.

The results are, in the words of the Georgian Orthodox Church, "a miracle". … The country’s birth rate increased by nearly 20% during 2008 – a rate four times faster than the previous year.

‘Personally baptise’ all those babies? Wow, that sounds like a full time job. Unless…

The next baptism is scheduled for early April, when thousands of mums, dads and their children will cram into Tbilisi’s biggest church, the Sameba Cathedral. The babies will be briefly dipped into a gigantic inflatable font after receiving a blessing from his Holiness, Ilia II.

HT: Rocco Weglarz (font of all wisdom this week)

Principles of Parentonomics

Recently, I recorded a lecture in which I tries to illustrate the 10 Lessons of Economics (from the Australian version of Mankiw’s textbook) with parenting examples. Watch it on YouTube (below) or click here for a downloadable full version.

Parentonomics in stores

p-uni … but at a massive 97 percent discount over the first copy sold. A bargain so get in quick before stocks run out!

To the left, it was sighted at the University of Melbourne Bookstore in the (not surprisingly) economics section. For online options that I know about, click here.

And all readers of this blog are invited to the official launch of the book at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival (click here for an invite and here for other details).

In other news, in both the Sydney Morning Herald and Age this morning I am quoted as not being able to make head or tails of our child care rebate scheme. Continue reading “Parentonomics in stores”

Game Theorist: Recent Posts

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Parenting data

I just thought I’d alert all parents to a site, Trixie Tracker that allows parents to collect data on their babies. I have written about it today over at Game Theorist.

Discount offer on Parentonomics

9781921410680 Parentonomics‘ publishers, New South, are offering a 20 percent discount for pre-orders. Click here to access the special offer. (Pre-orders are Australia and New Zealand only — news on the rest of the world hopefully very soon).

Also, check out the quotes from Barry Nalebuff and Susan Athey about the book.