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A ton of activity this week at Game Theorist:

Game Theorist: Weekend Posts

Lots of posts at Game Theorist this weekend including:

Parenting data

I just thought I’d alert all parents to a site, Trixie Tracker that allows parents to collect data on their babies. I have written about it today over at Game Theorist.

Discount offer on Parentonomics

9781921410680 Parentonomics‘ publishers, New South, are offering a 20 percent discount for pre-orders. Click here to access the special offer. (Pre-orders are Australia and New Zealand only — news on the rest of the world hopefully very soon).

Also, check out the quotes from Barry Nalebuff and Susan Athey about the book.

Game Theorist: Weekend Posts

Some new posts at Game Theorist this weekend. A couple of conversations here and here, a look at a real academic economic paper on parenting, an amazing computer game, a complaint about whole grain bread and a review of Horton Hears a Who!

Sample chapter of Parentonomics

Justin Wolfers has written about Parentonomics today on the NYT Freakonomics blog and in honor of that I thought this would be a great opportunity to share a sample of Parentonomics (which is coming out here in Australia in August). Here is Justin’s post and click here and you can read Chapter 7 of Parentonomics. It encompasses page 69 that Tyler Cowen argued was what you should read rather than judging a book by its cover.

Game Theorist: Weekend Posts

A few posts this weekend over at Game Theorist. My son and I argue about plausibility in Dr Seuss, and my daughter has another parent-teacher interview and she also evaluates starting a revolt over the price of food. ACCC take note on that one.

Game Theorist: Holiday Posts

Over at GameTheorist I have been posting recently on:

  1. how to manage mess
  2. the controversy surrounding Happy Feet
  3. road trips in the 21st century
  4. quirky and mathematically-oriented books for children

GameTheorist: Recent Posts

It is holiday time again, so it is likely that my blogging attention will move away from this one and on to Game Theorist. Some recent posts include an award for the Tupperware Birthday Party idea, my daughter’s intuition on bundling, vision statements for parents and car seat safety.

World’s oldest person dies

News today that the world’s oldest person, Elizabeth Bolden, had died at the age of 116. My reaction was: what? Again! Continue reading “World’s oldest person dies”

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