On Macro, the Financial Crisis, Global Warming, and Plato

Jan Libich from Latrobe University is running a televised series on economics. He gets people into his TV studio to talk about some aspect of the economy and then puts it out there. Andrew Leigh, Andrew Hughes Hallett, and Eric Leeper were previous victims. Adrian Pagan and Warwick McKibbin are lined up in future instalments.

It was my turn last week to be grilled on all questions involving macro-economics. It evolved into a lively debate about long-run growth, developments in China, the case for inflation, Plato’s Republic, and the options for averting global warming. A good introductory discussion on all those topics, but in future installments I clearly need to get rid of my smug smile.

If you want to know more about the issues raised, see here.

Random quotes: Marty Weitzman

On occasion, I like to take things from my shelf, open them up and see what I find. I did this last month. For this month, I picked up the May 1998 issue of the Quarterly Journal of Economics and flipped open to page 380. Read on, this is a good one … Continue reading “Random quotes: Marty Weitzman”

Random quotes: Irving Fisher

My co-author, Scott Stern, visited this week and came up with an interesting activity. He took a random book from my bookshelf, opened it to a page and looked at what it said. Turns out that can be both amusing and interesting. I may do the same exercise on a regular basis. Continue reading “Random quotes: Irving Fisher”

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