Some questions about GreenPower

My post earlier today had an off-hand comment about GreenPower that upset some folks in the comments. I mistook gas-powered generators as part of the mix which they clearly are not. Anyhow, I have a clear hypothesis about what is concerning me and having read some more details on, I remain worried. So let me proceed in steps and I am sure concerned commentators will correct me if I am wrong. Continue reading “Some questions about GreenPower”

Student ratings

Thanks to the Chronicle on Higher Education [HT: Division of Labor] a great list of student excuses. Here are some: Continue reading “Student ratings”

New book proposal: Freak-Freakonomics

Ariel Rubinstein decides to consider Steve Levitt as a rational self-interested economic agent (indeed, all economists and economics) to see what that implies about their behaviour (click here). The result is a new book proposal for Freak-Freakonomics published in The Economists’ Voice. Here is the proposal for Chapter 2: Continue reading “New book proposal: Freak-Freakonomics”

Half a year o’bloggin

As of today, I have been a regular blogger for 6 months. This is my 285th post on this blog (along with another 3 on Aplia and 32 on GameTheorist). My longest gap between blogs has been 2 days and the most number of posts on a single day was 6. And the main reason I do this: I enjoy it but I am also very grateful for the 100 or so regular readers.

Blogging Inspiration

You might wonder why I decided to do this at this time. Well, Andrew Leigh (a very interesting scholar from ANU) is visiting the University of Melbourne this semester (and teaching at MBS, I should ad). He has an interesting blog ( I thought the medium might work for me too.

I’ll point to other blogs from people I know as they post interesting stuff.

Andrew has posted a note announcing my blog. Now that qualifies as interesting to me! Go to: Imagining Australia: Ideas For Our Future : New arrival in Ozeblogistan


Welcome to the CoreEcon blog. As is usual with these things, this is an experimental first stage. Nonetheless, let’s see how this goes.