I already left Australia because of continual idiotic debates like parallel imports

Magda Szubanksi said she would consider leaving Australia if the Productivity Commission’s recommendations regarding parallel importing of books were to come into place. Leaving aside the notion that leaving Australia would make absolutely no positive difference to her income with or without Australia’s current laws — her core market is still Australians — this is … Continue reading “I already left Australia because of continual idiotic debates like parallel imports”

Parallel imports in The Age

With the Productivity Commission’s final report on parallel imports for books around the corner, I wrote a piece about their current proposal in today’s Age. [DDET Read the article] Read between the lines: book protection has failed Joshua Gans The Age, June 9, 2009 Some publishers might suffer, but removing restrictions would help authors and … Continue reading “Parallel imports in The Age”

The PC disappoints on book parallel imports

Regular readers know that I favour parallel importing of books into Australia because I want to encourage reading of them. The Productivity Commission just released its draft report into the issue. It identifies me as one of the chief types of people who would benefit from restrictions on parallel imports (I am an Australian author, … Continue reading “The PC disappoints on book parallel imports”

The Parallel Importing of Books

IPRIA & CMCL ran a seminar on the parallel importation of books yesterday. I’ve uploaded the videos to http://vimeo.com/album/127081. We thank the presenters for permission to podcast their views (Q&A with the audience is omitted). Joshua had earlier commented on the topic of parallel imports on this blog. My personal view is that as we … Continue reading “The Parallel Importing of Books”

PC Book Inquiry Quantitative Materials

The quantitative materials for the PC inquiry on parallel imports is out. In my last post on their draft report, I mistakenly thought that it was devoid of such analysis but, in fact, it had just not been released. The quantitative materials demonstrate that Australians consistently pay more, even for best selling titles, than their … Continue reading “PC Book Inquiry Quantitative Materials”