Hola, Mexico to the iTunes Index

Mexico now has its own iTunes Music Store with singles selling for 15 pesos a piece. Figured that was time for another update of the iTunes Currency Index. Notice that Mexicans are paying 38% more than those North for iTunes songs. An odd sort of price discrimination to say the least. Currency Exchange Rate Local … Continue reading “Hola, Mexico to the iTunes Index”

An iTunes Index for Exchange Rates

A few weeks ago, The Economist published its annual Big Mac Index. This has been a long-standing exercise by that newspaper to examine how close current exchange rates were to purchasing power parity (or PPP). The idea is to take a standardised commodity that is otherwise locally produced and compare prices across countries. According to … Continue reading “An iTunes Index for Exchange Rates”

The iTunes Games Index

As regular readers of this blog are aware, I have been tracking an iTunes (Song) Index (click here for past entries). The general story there is that (apart from Canada), the iTunes Index suggests that currencies are over-valued relative to the US dollar. This is in contrast to the Economist’s Big Mac Index which has … Continue reading “The iTunes Games Index”

iTunes DRM-free pricing

Stuart Maxwell notes that iTunes DRM-free pricing has begun to appear around the world (click here). We know its baseline pricing differs from country-to-country. Its DRM-free pricing will differ too but, in theory, the ratio of DRM and DRM-free song prices should be the same. Well, apparently not. In the US and Europe there is … Continue reading “iTunes DRM-free pricing”

iTunes Inter-national Pricing

A regular theme on this blog has been differences in Apple’s iTunes Music Store pricing for songs, games and videos. I even launched an iTunes Index based on such differentials. Today the EU has taken action against such differences arising inside the EU.