Back in the narrowband

Regular readers would have noticed that I have been quiet for a couple of days. Well it turns out that preparing for and travelling to a holiday location do not mix with blogging. If my mobile phone could handle this better that would be one thing but it doesn’t. What is more, I get here and sure the view is a nice tropical paradise but I am relying on a mobile card on my laptop that is not broadband. (Usually it is but not out here where for some reason Optus hasn’t expanded its 3G network). So I am blogging this at a maximum download speed of 30-40kbps.

Suffice it to say, it is character building. I quickly lament all those nice graphics on websites and especially anything that links for some ‘secured’ source of input. Put simply, I just can keep as up to date as I would like. Sure I can do a targetted search but a leisurely reading of other blogs and the news is pretty much out of the question. And downloading something large, like a document, that just isn’t happening.

What this means is that my blogging may drop off a little. Also, because I am on holiday, they are likely to move from economics to parenting, so there will be relatively more activity on GameTheorist this week.

Oh, and before anyone writes a comment — not that I am going to look at them given my narrowband unfriendly blog site — that suggest that because I am on holiday, what does it matter. Well, let me say now. You just don’t understand.

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