Blueprint for broadband

Isn’t that always the way? Just one day after the release of my own report on the subject, a nice glossy report from the Federal government has come out. The Broadband Blueprint outlines the state of play on broadband (same message as my report) but also, encouragingly, the idea that all layers of government need to play a role.

In moving forward, the Australian Government will continue to work closely with state, territory and local governments to streamline initiatives to encourage investment in next generation broadband infrastructure. A coordinated effort across all jurisdictions, based upon the complementary roles of Australian, state, territory and local governments, is important to maximise the incentives for investment in next generation broadband infrastructure.

What a good idea. Will someone tell Telstra?

One thought on “Blueprint for broadband”

  1. Good report but will anyone have the guts to act on it.

    As I see it, the two problems with broadband are cost and availability. Unlike Murdoch, I don’t see any need for megaspeeds to every house, but I guess unlike Murdoch I don’t stand to make zillions if the government builds me a multi billion dollar content distribution system.

    I’d like to see a a few more areas get current moderately fast internet access. People on older exchanges, typically in semi/rural areas are really missing out here, and they would probably get the most benefit from it. Nothing too radical is required, enough for standard city type web activity would do it.

    The big one, which would really set the cat among the pigeons, is to open access to the copper from exchanges to the household. If you want to see the wonders of competition in action, having a bunch of cheery suppliers wanting to plug your line to the exchange into their box would, I think, do the trick.


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