Student contribution contest

I have just posted a contribution from Tom Gole who is an Aussie PhD student here at Harvard. Tom approached me with the idea if occasionally posting. The notion of encouraging more active student involvement seemed like a good one to me and inspired the idea of having a contest to allow one or possibly two posts this month from students.

So here is the deal. If you are a student, email me your 200 to 400 word contribution on any topic that you think might interest readers of the Core Economics blog. Also include 25 words about yourself and a link to your website/blog. Do this by 20th June. I’ll select the best one and publish it afterwards. Tom’s post is a good example of what I am looking for. The reward is kudos and also the opportunity to put your thoughts in front of Core Economics’ discerning readership.

5 thoughts on “Student contribution contest”

  1. i am not discerning!! fwiw, joshua, i think you should bring on board people like Tom full-time. core economics can get light on content sometimes. i would not really classify a PhD student as a student per se. and they will have a point to prove, so more likely to be controversial and interesting. which is what we want to see ? so my suggestion is this: open up say another 3-4x slots for Aussie PhDs on, say, a six month trial basis. core economics could support more content. it would particularly good to see more finance.


  2. I’m baffled as to why its constrained to one or possibly two student posts. Is their a scarcity of publishing space on the blog?

    I do understand that there is a scarcity of time to review submissions but for the good of thorough economic debate its a cost that ought to be warn. Especially with the drivel that comes from some of the Australian press.

    In regards to Chris’ comment about a number of PhD students. I hope it won’t be restricted to that segment of students because I’m sure their are MBA and possibly undergraduate students that would have valuable contributions.

    End of an era?


  3. I would like to participate in this contest, however given that I have a full time job and 2 units to study for…it will be impossible!


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