Interesting reactions

Those of you who read blogs (rather than write them) may not realise that when someone else links to you, it comes up on the blogger’s dashboard (in my case, WordPress). That is how I found out about some strange reactions to my broadband views. But today, this interesting post appeared by Andrew on a blog called The Salmon Conversations (some reference to Douglas Adams I think). Anyhow, it will be pretty clear why I am commenting on this one here: I like half of it, alot. The other half was intriguing. Anyhow, I posted a lengthy comment on it and because this is one discussion others may have views on I thought I’d point to it here.

One thought on “Interesting reactions”

  1. Wow! I appreciate you taking the time to read and respond to my post, Joshua (Mr. Gans??). It blew my mind when I saw that you’d linked back to our blog.

    I still think I disagree with you about how beneficial ‘true’ broadband would be for Australia. But I think the point you were trying to make in your response is that, as more information comes to light, we should all be willing to reassess, (even do some research!) and change our opinion if that’s warranted. I definitely agree with that.

    Reading it back, I think I got a little obnoxious towards the end of my post. Just as you throw the occaisional whacky proposal out there, I was trying to be a little provocative to coax a response out of our somewhat apathetic regular audience. Looks like I got more than I bargained for ?


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