iPhone 5 different in Australia

When the new iPad came out, Apple was slammed by the ACCC for advertising a version with 4G when it wasn’t available within Australia. Fines exceeded several millions of dollars for misleading consumers although I, for one, could not imagine that such harm had come from this given Apple had, from the start, offered customers — like it does for all products — a full refund within 30 days if they dissatisfied. I worried that this type of regulatory zeal might delay future product launches.

It appears that with the iPhone 5 that won’t be an issue but Apple sure has corrected its marketing. Here is what is on the US site on data speeds:

And here is what is on the Australian site:

In other words, this feature isn’t being promoted for Australia. Well, it has to be said that regulation got Apple’s attention but that was fortunately, all.

One thought on “iPhone 5 different in Australia”

  1. Did you order a new phone Joshua?

    I guess you did. The Phone is bigger, thinner but weighs less.

    These new product launches are so exciting!


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