Is this a joke?

On the way to Melbourne airport there was a billboard for Villa and Hut. If you just glance at it (as you do when you are driving) you will notice that they claim to be “voted the best homewear store in the world.”

Sounds impressive but drop your eyes down and you will see in much smaller print a qualification “by internal staff poll.” Not that that is bad — if it wasn’t true that might be a problem. But really, isn’t this just a tad misleading? The homepage of their website says the same thing and much as I have tried I haven’t seen a hint that this is all tounge-in-cheek.

One thought on “Is this a joke?”

  1. I think you’ll find that this is meant ‘in cheek” or houmourously. This slogan was not designed to try to “trick” or make false accusations. Howvever for all its worth, as a long tyerm employee of villa & hut I can tell you that it is TRUE, we ‘the tribe’ do belive that villa and hut IS THE BEST HOMEWARES STORE IN THE WORLD!


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