iTunes Album Art

The new iTunes 7 has a cool feature that will examine your music library (regardless of where you got it) and then, if you want, send the information to Apple and download the album art for stuff not purchased from the iTunes Music Store.

Just a question: why are they doing this? After all, the album art is copyright material and so they needed permission to do all of this. My thought is that the aggregated information of non-iTunes purchases is pretty darn valuable to music companies even if they can’t identify individuals.

2 thoughts on “iTunes Album Art”

  1. But as a ‘gee whizz’ effect, you can’t deny how tangible the effect of virtually flipping though your album collection to select something to play – even if almost half of my collection isn’t associated with the album art collection at the iTunes store (or that the wrong album art was delivered for some CDs).

    I expect that this effect to wear off rapidly given the time involved to do it repeatedly, but it was fun last night!



  2. What do you mean by “they can’t identify individuals”? You had to sign up for an apple account in order to download album art, didn’t you? Therefore, they have all your information…


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