Greenstein on Net Neutrality

Shane Greenstein is one of the least known, best writers about economics and technology for the non-economist. He has put down his thoughts on net neutrality this month (something I have blogged about before too). Greenstein outlines a bunch of potentially worrisome scenarios and dismissing each as relatively implausible. Put simply, through a different route he comes to my conclusion that the only thing we have to fear is market power itself.

One thought on “Greenstein on Net Neutrality”

  1. Hasn’t the sucess of the internet – which, to me, is the primary reason for the development of broadband – been built on the ability to allow consumers to take total control over their viewing/searching content? Therefore wouldn’t the restriction of this, as advocated through net neutrality, reduce its value proposition and therefore reduce consumer demand for access? Doesn’t make a terribly strong business case to invest in broadband infrastructure!


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