Well, I just saw Avatar, in 3D at a digital movie theatre. Is it a ‘must see in the cinemas’ movie? Absolutely. It completely revolutionises animation with the most expressive computer generated characters ever. That makes it visually spectacular and gives it a realistic feel like no other. It also allows actors to act (and not just like the manic Golum but with a full range of emotions). Will it be remembered up there with Star Wars? No. The plot is basically that of The Castle with the humour removed and the clear politics of the past decade added in. That gives it no iconic or mythic quality.

Finally, can you take kids to see it? Yes, it is an easy PG-13. Indeed, but for a couple of nosebleeds I don’t see why it couldn’t have been just plain PG. Oh and by the way, the 3D actually works in this movie. It does not strain the eyes and seemed quite natural. Maybe this isn’t a gimmick after all.

3 thoughts on “Avatar”

  1. I saw it last night as well (though not in 3D). Thought the CGI was absolutely incredible. That said, it was way too long – I was in the cinema for 3 hours, the script was predictable and it could have used a bit more humour.
    Overall it is worth seeing.


  2. I reckon it was more like ‘Dances with Wolves’ (a movie I vowed that I’d sooner die than sit through again. Damn it!) And I’d back the PG-13 rating. Those wolves are not for younger kids.


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