Ruining Mike Siwek’s 15 minutes

Mike Siwek is the poster-child of search engines. Why? Because, up until a few days ago, if you Googled, “mike siwek lawyer mi” it produced Mike Siwek’s web page as the first choice whereas if you Binged the same thing, you get a page about the NFL draft featuring lawyer Milloy. This was why Google was so far ahead of Bing according to this Wired article.

The problem is that the article itself put itself out of date. The Google result is now this page writing about the Wired article and the Bing result is a different one doing the same thing. The relevant result is now way down the page. So it’s all over for Mike. He is no longer the Google exemplar of quality.

4 thoughts on “Ruining Mike Siwek’s 15 minutes”

  1. This sounds like a modern version of Heisenberg uncertainty. You cannot comment on a Google result without affecting it.


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